Services Overview

Resources for Change can partner with you to transform painful change into an opportunity to grow creatively. Step by step, we help you promote leadership, develop strategies, build cohesive teams, and achieve productive solutions.

Our services are in five principal areas:

How Do You Know When You Need An Organizational Consultant's Help?

What Issues are You Confronting?

Is your organization changing to meet market demands?
  • What once worked is no longer effective, but you can't answer "what's next?"
  • Are you effecting both behavorial and organizational change?
  • Should you consider personnel changes?
  • Will your changes last?
  • Do you know how to accelerate change while building internal commitment to change?
  • Have you worked with management consultants but seen little impact?
Should your organization review its direction?
  • Do you need to change course?
  • Are your key initiatives aligned with your mission and vision? With customer needs? Are your people on board?
  • Do staff skills meet current market expectations?
  • Are the points of intersection (e.g., communication, decision making) in your organization the appropriate ones?
  • Are you managing change or is it managing you?
Does Your Organization Need a Recharge?
  • Is morale low, despite high performance?
  • Are your competitors gaining ground, and your organization feeling threatened?
  • Are plans and priorities out of sync with real business needs?
  • Are project results falling short of expectations?
  • Do you need to discover the barriers within you? Within the environment?
  • How do you strengthen your organization's capacity for change?
Is Leadership Succession a Concern?
  • Is your executive team up to the tasks it confronts?
  • How are you training and mentoring new leaders? Future leaders?
Do You Need to Match Jobs with People Better?
  • Do you assure your people they are your most valuable resource? How are you communicating the message? How is it received?
  • How are you tapping the creativity of your staff members?
Are Board Members Really "On Board?"
  • Are the organization and the board in step with one another?
  • Is your board retaining members but not generating energy? Or is there energy, but no stability?

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