We work with you. We view the consulting process as a collaborative undertaking, with active involvement and creative interaction between client group and consultant.

Through our joint efforts, people can be helped to focus clearly, organize effectively, and act with intelligence and courage in turbulent times.

Resources for Change has a five-step approach to partnering with you. By taking advantage of this approach, you can free your people from a counter productive failure-and-blame cycle and build a whole new future.

The Resources for Change Five-Step Approach™

As your partner in change, we:

  1. Listen respectfully so we focus on what works for you
    • We want to understand your organization's culture, your mission, your opportunities, how you anticipate change occurring, and what has worked well in your organization.

  2. Carefully observe the organization's daily operations
    • We can help you shape your future if we learn how people actually accomplish the work of the organization.

  3. Assess potential processes that fit your needs
    • We provide a clear, unbiased assessment of the realities you face and the political considerations that impact your situation.
    • We are skilled at:
      -   understanding human and group dynamics.
      -   addressing how the organization "thinks."
      -   guiding you when problems are systemic - and showing you how stepping out of a failure-and-blame cycle renews the organization's vigor.
      -   building your organization.
      -   working with you to craft proposed solutions.

  4. Collaborate on the strategic response
    • As your partner in change, we develop workplace systems that foster pathways for change, help you resolve knotty workplace issues, and model collaborative communication.

  5. Follow-up
    • You are not left to implement decisions and action plans on your own.
    • We partner with you to help implement the changes you determine you need.
    • We can also partner with you to conduct an on-going review of the process, follow-up on outcomes, and determine the need for course corrections as issues arise.

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We work with you - consultation is a collaborative undertaking
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