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Gail Fisher, MSW, RODC. Registered Organizational Development Consultant
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Strategic Partners

Ms. Fisher's expertise encompasses Human Enterprise Development, Organizational Change, Conflict Resolution, Strategic Coaching, and Large and Small Group Interventions. Depending on the nature of a client project, she may utilize the services of strategic partners.

These are some of the strategic partners:

Kay Quam, President

With her training and insight into how people function, Gail Fisher has the unique ability to read human perspectives and interactions and guide people in a clear and steady way past obstacles to a productive outcome. Specifically, she works in an unambiguous way to:

  • Resolve knotty workplace relationship issues,
  • Coach executives in the most productive use of their capabilities and that of their people and staff, and
  • Surface underlying factors plaguing organizational performance."

SYNAXIS, INC. is an organization design and development firm. The company specializes in governance structure and organizational change approaches for cross-organizational and/or cross-governmental initiatives.

Kathleen Madigan

"Gail and I collaborated on facilitating a retreat for a work group in an academic health care setting. We designed a process using Appreciative Inquiry to help build a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and synergy and to shift the energy of the group to focus on positive interactions.

The group was very receptive to the process and embraced the 'appreciative' approach both in the retreat and in their on-going work. The group really responded to Gail's warmth and energy, which supported a positive experience for all."

Kathleen Madigan is an organizational consultant specializing in health care, and is a member of the Appreciative Inquiry Associates.

Word Impressions
Vicki Brown, Consultant

"Gail Fisher recognizes that all progress - whether you're talking about a plan, program, project, initiative, goal, objective, or desired state - is really about people working with other people to reach a destination. She has an amazing ability to help groups identify where they need to focus so they can move forward again."

Vicki Brown is a New York-based consultant and owner of Word Impressions. She has extensive interview, research, and writing experience. She has worked with business, health care, educational, and not-for-profit groups for more than 25 years.

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Strategic Partners
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